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St. Kevin’s Community College is a Dublin and Dún Laoighaire Education and Training Board school situated on the Fonthill Road in North Clondalkin. We have 350 students mainly from the Quarryvale and Balgaddy areas. We have students from a variety of countries including Albania, Camerooon, Congo, Egypt, Germany, Ghana, Iraq, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, UK, Ukraine and Zimbabwe.

St. Kevin’s Community College is administered by a board of management. The board takes an active interest in all aspects of school life. It is supportive of all the endeavours and achievements of staff, students and parents. It ensures that sound and relevant policies are produced and implemented. As stated in the recent WSE/MLL report, members of the board “show a strong commitment to the school and indeed the local community and a very good awareness of developments in the school, both academic and pastoral.”

The following are members of the board:
Mr. G. O’Connell, VEC Representative (Chair),
Mr. P. Hand, VEC Representative,
Ms. B. Meehan, VEC Representative,
Ms, G. Moloney-Goslin, Archbishop’s Representative,
Ms. A. McCafferty, Archbishop’s Representative,
Mr. S. McPhillips, Archbishop’s Representative,
Ms. E. Hannigan, Parent Representative,
Ms. S. Moran, Parent Representative,
Ms. E. Norton, Staff Representative,
Ms. B. Hogan, Staff Representative,

, Secretary.

Our Core Professional Purpose in St. Kevin’s Community College is:

We the community of St. Kevin’s believe in:
 Dedication to learning
 Reaching full potential
 Pride in achievements
 Mutual respect
 Caring for all
In a welcoming and safe environment

Our Principles are
1. If it works do more of it, if not do something different.
2. No sign up, no change.
3. Sometimes we need to take a step back to go forward.
4. Consultation leads to co-operation
5. Focus on the problem, not the person
6. Understanding differences can build relationships.
7. Teamwork achieves more
8. Learning can be fun

We have 9 classes of 38 minutes every day except Wednesday when we have 6 classes of 38 minutes. LCA students do their work experience on Wednesday and TY students do their work experience on Friday.

At St. Kevin’s, we have a wide range of modern facilities including

• Gymnasium
• Library
• Language Room
• 2 Art Studios
• 3 Computer Rooms
• 2 Science Laboratories
• Woodwork Room
• Engineering Room
• Home Economics Room
• Soccer Pitch
• Basketball Courts
• Hair Salon
• Interactive Whiteboards in all rooms

Tony Barry: Principal

Michael Flynn: Deputy Principal

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