Student Activities


The Comenius Project is part of the EU lifelong learning programme.  St. Kevin’s has started a two year ‘Multilateral Comenius Project’ investigating the issue of Early School Leaving.   There are eight schools from seven countries taking part in this project entitled ‘Let’s go to School in Europe’.  In St. Kevin’s there are 15 students directly involved in the project but it is hoped that the whole school community will benefit from the activities.

The activities are designed to be educational and fun and we hope, through these activities to encourage our target group to come to school more often and to stay in school.   Activities include:

  • Trips to partner countries
  • Art  workshop
  • Teambuilding adventure workshops
  • Literacy and creative writing workshops
  • Film making
  • Surveys

    Students at an art workshop, designing the Comenius Corner.


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